Pastor Barry Schwiesow

Theme:  What Child Is This?
Note:  The sermons are based on a sermon study from CPH.
In his new book, God, Greed, and The (Prosperity) Gospel: How Truth Overcomes A Life Built on Lies, Costi Hinn explores, explains, and exposes his journey from anointed heir-apparent in the Hinn family ministry to conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Not only does Hinn relate his rescue by the power of God from a false gospel, he examines the Prosperity Movement in the light of Scripture while equipping believers with ways to reach their loved ones held captive in this false theology.  (It can be purchased in different formats at Amazon.  Just click on the image and it will direct you to the link.)
 Advanced issues found
 Advanced issues found

Pirate Christian Radio: Christ-Centered and Cross-Focused Talk Radio. It’s not just what people WANT to hear, but what people NEED to hear.  Pastor Chris Rosebrough also has a YouTube channel, exposing false teachers, preachers, prophets, etc.  The lastest video exposing Joyce Meyer. Joyce Meyer Admits Her Views on Prosperity Were Unbalanced.  Well, actually she didn't, but watch:

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